Sleeping Alone

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My wife had been a Hospital Floor Nurse in Gynecology for at least 10 years when Home Health began.  This is where nurses visit the patient in their home.  She saw this as a New Ground Floor Opportunity and transferred.

It didn't take many nights for me to notice that I was finding myself Sleeping Alone.  Several nights a week at 1:00AM in the Morning, I found my wife bent over the coffee table in the living room with 100 stacked sheets of paper and scratching ones-and-slashes onto a legal sized notepad.

They're Going To Break Me!

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I had only been working for a few months inside Palm Beach Tan's corporate headquarters when early one morning, I heard the President of Palm Beach Tan (PBT) slamming the phone down and raise his voice saying "They're going to break me!".


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Remote Technolgies Inc. began over 25 years ago in 1986 and utilized Customized Embedded Computers, a couple of  Dial-Up Telephone Lines, two Cotton Fields, several Water Wells, a Zimmatic Circle Irrigation Unit, a Valley Circle Irrigation Unit and a Desktop Computer for Complete Remote Control and Monitoring of these Irrigation Systems.

Remote Technologies failed due to Lightning continually coming in on the Telephone Lines.  The Lightning Arrestor Technology was Ineffective or the Wireless Technology was too Cost Prohibitive at that time.

However, the incorporation as a Texas company called Remote Technologies Inc. is and will continue to be maintained.


2013: An Information Technology Gouge?

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I've been away from the Information Technology Business for the last 4 years during this economic downturn and I have recently made the decision to consider easing back in with my skills and experience. I found the latest version of Microsoft Office Version to be "2013".

Farley Inglis