Sleeping Alone

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My wife had been a Hospital Floor Nurse in Gynecology for at least 10 years when Home Health began.  This is where nurses visit the patient in their home.  She saw this as a New Ground Floor Opportunity and transferred.

It didn't take many nights for me to notice that I was finding myself Sleeping Alone.  Several nights a week at 1:00AM in the Morning, I found my wife bent over the coffee table in the living room with 100 stacked sheets of paper and scratching ones-and-slashes onto a legal sized notepad.

They're Going To Break Me!

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I had only been working for a few months inside Palm Beach Tan's corporate headquarters when early one morning, I heard the President of Palm Beach Tan (PBT) slamming the phone down and raise his voice saying "They're going to break me!".

2013: An Information Technology Gouge?

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I've been away from the Information Technology Business for the last 4 years during this economic downturn and I have recently made the decision to consider easing back in with my skills and experience. I found the latest version of Microsoft Office Version to be "2013".


Farley Inglis